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We will decide whether the budget range the customer requires is appropriate after the required information mentioned above is covered and discuss what should and maybe should not be done with their budget. We can work with any budget, big or small, and the budget will determine what we eventually build. I can’t tell you the amount of calls we’ve received where people who just don’t know anything about video production want multiple people to work for months and use hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, and they expect it to be worth a few hundred dollars. They have never been interested in their defence before and have no experience with the procedure, so we try to help them understand. You may want to Video Production Services Brisbane¬†for more.

A video production project, like the choice of a car with the many brands and options available, is variable. The cost can differ depending on what goes into it. A web commercial may involve a half-day with a 2-person crew shooting and a portion of a day editing, and may eventually only be about $1000. Or, a month of scripting, various locations, multiple shooting days, a 3-member video team, a complete 3-member lighting crew with an equipment truck, a teleprompter and operator, a makeup technician, multiple cameras, a green screen studio, etc., could involve the same web advertisement. Of course, with all these extra capitals, the above project would cost more.

Aardvark Video has been a full-service Las Vegas video production company working since 1987, first in New York and then in Las Vegas since 2002. Our highly skilled workforce has decades of industry experience and established customer satisfaction records, unlike many video productions firms.

Richard DePaso, our managing director, has over 20 years of experience managing one of America’s largest companies and brings to all our ventures a rare combination of creativity, commitment to success and knowledge of corporate agendas.Our clients tell us that in meeting their needs, we are easy to work with, very skilled, affordable and extremely versatile. Aardvark Video is a partner in video production that helps you reach your goals while keeping the whole process comprehensible and free of stress.